Paralegal Group Connecticut


Ad Hoc Committees

Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

Standing Committees

Charter and Bylaws Committee

The Charter and Bylaws Committee periodically reviews the Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws of CCPA and makes recommendations for changes to the Board of Directors to be voted on by the members. The chair of the Charter and Bylaws Committee is responsible for periodically reviewing the Treasurer's accounts and records, archiving CCPA's old records and files if necessary, and acts as a parliamentarian for meetings of the members and Board of Directors.

Program Committee

The Program Committee plans the topics, contacts the speakers and organizes the monthly general membership meetings. The Committee also notifies members about upcoming events of interest.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee establishes the guidelines and criteria for membership in CCPA. It responds to inquiries regarding membership and sends membership applications to potential members and renewal notices to existing members. The Committee also maintains the directory of current members, interacts with outside groups which request membership information from CCPA and works with organizations nationwide to determine membership qualifications.

Student Liaison Committee

This Committee fosters and maintains contact with Connecticut institutions which offer paralegal programs and serves as an information clearinghouse for students. The Committee also informs students about CCPA's mentor program.

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee coordinates the collection of data and articles, edits, and prepares CCPA's monthly newsletter, ParaPhrase.

Continuing Legal Education Committee

The Continuing Legal Education Committee handles the arrangements for all CCPA-sponsored seminars and continuing education functions.

Ad Hoc Committees

Job Bank Committee

The Job Bank Committee develops and maintains listings of employment opportunities in Connecticut for dissemination to the members by publication in the monthly newsletter or electronic mail. The Committee also develops and maintains good relationships with prospective employers.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee contacts appropriate news media to publicize CCPA events and also acts as an information network for prospective and existing members.

Bar Liaison Committee

This Committee works closely with the Connecticut Bar Association ("CBA") to foster a continuing relationship between members of the bar and members of the paralegal profession. The committee members focus on areas in which the CBA and CCPA have mutual interests, by offering assistance and support in such areas to the CBA.

Scholarship Committee

This Committee is responsible for awarding one or more scholarships to a student who fulfills the requirements set forth by the Board of Directors. The committee sends out scholarship applications to all the colleges in Connecticut that offer paralegal programs and then chooses an outstanding student from the submitted applications.

Connecticut Alliance of Paralegal Associations

This Committee is responsible for representing CCPA as a member of the Connecticut Alliance of Paralegal Associations (the "Alliance"), which is comprised of three of the paralegal associations in Connecticut. The Alliance was formed as a vehicle by which these three Connecticut NFPA member associations could share information by networking, discussing state-wide issues, conducting statewide meetings and/or seminars, sharing job bank information, and acting as a cohesive group on issues affecting paralegals in the State of Connecticut.

Pro Bono Committee

This Committee is responsible for coordinating programs whereby volunteer paralegals can assist attorneys and/or legal assistance agencies in the area of pro bono cases and programs. It acts as a clearinghouse for information relating to pro bono opportunities for CCPA members.

NFPA National Affairs Committee

This committee is co-chaired by the Vice President - NFPA Primary Representative and the Vice President - NFPA Secondary Representative elected by the membership. The committee reviews, discusses and comments on materials received from the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. (NFPA) and other member associations. The committee is responsible for disseminating information from NFPA and other sources to the Board of Directors and the membership. The Committee members assist the NFPA Primary and Secondary Representatives in preparing for NFPA's Policy Meeting by providing input and recommendations on agenda and discussion topics for those meetings.

Mentor Program Committee

This committee matches students in paralegal studies, paralegals changing practice areas or paralegals who are new to the community with an experienced practicing CCPA member who is willing to be a resource and make an affirmative effort to get the newcomer oriented to the legal environment.

Legislative Committee

This Committee monitors and tracks all legislation brought before the Connecticut General Assembly which may be of interest to the association or to paralegals in general. When appropriate, the Committee works with the Board of Directors, in conjunction with NFPA, to address proposed legislation in the State of Connecticut affecting paralegals.

Nomination Committee

The Committee annually solicits nominations from the membership for the elected offices of CCPA. The Committee presents to the membership a slate of nominees for elective offices to be voted on at the annual membership meeting in May.

Information Technology Committee

This committe maintains CCPA's website and acts as an information technology resource for CCPA's Board of Directors and members.